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image image imageToday at bavc we screened our draw my life. I was really pleased with my work because it was something new to me and it came out really well. Being apart of tech trendsetters helped me see that I really like working with cameras and that I might want to be apart of bavc program during the school year. I am really glad that I was apart if this program and is looking forward to attending tech trendsetters next summer.

Iron Chef Competition

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Yesturday we were the audience to an iron chef competition where we were able to watch the two teams compete and also get samples of the food. Both teams did extremely well and very unique. I had fun watching them serve the judges and explaining where there Ideas came from. I wish I could have tasted the pie though it looked really good. image


Week 5 of tech trendsetters

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This week was fun. I had a lot of projects I had to complete like Psa, tutorials, my draw my life project, and also my garage band. I had a lot of fun creating these projects because it was apart of me and I had to use my creativity to make them appealing. On Friday we were rewarded with a pizza and ice cream party for one of the weeks before when we had a to host for the younger kids. Although i missed the Dolby field trip I still was able to get one of the awesome gift bags they gave out that included a water bottle notebook and penimage

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Last week at tech trendsetters i had fun video taping and acting for our psa. I aslo had alot of fun learning angles and being able to play with the camers and find out new things they are able to do like project onto the wall. I also had fun editing the psa which included finding matching music, adding backrounds and fusing our bloopers together. Learnign about the different estetics allowed us to be able to create a great psa and also is going to help me with my tutorials.


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This week I had fun at tech trendsetters. I enjoyed going on a field trip because we went to places of the city that I never been before. I also enjoyed learning about the movies and scenes. I had a really good time being a mc of the banner contest this Friday and earning ice cream and pizza. Overall this week has been filled with making friends and learning about things that was new to me.

a view of to kill James Bond

I visited this scene of the movie which was new to me because I have been in the area before but I never actually been to this location

Full house

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On our fieldtrip I got to go to the scene where full house was shot 😃 I loved it because it was somewhere new

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The first week was basically a learning experience . I learned budgeting. I improved on my typing skills. I also worked on Prezi presentations and worked with powerpoints. Last but not least i had a chance to have a happy friday by dancing in the gym for jolloween.